Research Profile

Research at the faculty of economics of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum is characterized by a close interplay of management and economics. This connectedness mirrors the classic principle of economics that has always been pursued in Bochum. It is due to this orientation, in combination with the individual excellence of the respective chairs, that Bochum is among the leading faculties in Germany.

The research foci of the faculty can be illustrated in a research matrix. With the help of this ordering structure synergies between the respective researchers are revealed and can be explored. At the same time this matrix illustrates the focus of our striving for outstanding economic research.

Research at the faculty of economics is structured with regard to three aspects. The first of these is theory formation and basic empirical research. Second, we are committed to sustainability and social responsibility. And, last but not least, we strive for practical relevance and foster this with the help of extensive co-operations with practitioners. Research at the faculty of economics is not confined to a national context. Numerous international co-operations have been established. The resulting global research network offers the potential needed to face the increasing complexity of current research trends.

A multitude of international top-publications serves as a success indicator for the so-called “Bochumer Modell”.

Research matrix

Forschungsmatrix1 De