Research-oriented Teaching

Teaching and research are not separate from each other. Rather, both areas show considerable overlaps, which is mirrored in the research-oriented teaching offered at our faculty. It is our objective to gain new insights in a didactic environment, as well as to enhance the students’ understanding of research. In doing so, the different programs offered at our faculty vary regarding the degree to which research is integrated into teaching. As a result, the fusion of research and teaching is visible in various forms.
To highlight one aspect, the “Bochum International Summer School” provides the opportunity for students to gain insights into current research and to exchange views on current issues in an international context once a year. Workshops and lectures held by international scholars help broadening one’s horizon. In addition, students can gain credit points for their studies at the Ruhr-Universität.
For further details, please see the homepage of the Bochum International Summer School:
Bochum International Summer School

Below you will find a list of activities and offerings related to research-oriented teaching. For further information, please click on the respective links.