Bachelor Management and Economics

For a successful start at our faculty we recommend the participation in the following three events before the beginning of the first lecture:

thyssenkrupp Welcome Week

Our „thyssenkrupp Welcome Week” has been especially designed for first-year students with the aim of helping you to get to know our university. Divided into small groups and accompanied by student advisors you will take a tour of our campus and find out everything you need to know about your course of study at the RUB. You will also get valuable information about what our university has to offer in the line of recreational activities!


October 4th 2018, 10 am HZO 10

Introduction to Economics

This introductory module is aimed at helping first-year students to get started in the field of economics. The goal is to provide you with important information about the Faculty of Management and Economics and its departments as well as to explain the curriculum, degree program and how to prepare for examinations. Moreover, you will receive a thorough introduction to all aspects of economics. By using a case study you will become acquainted with economic terminology and basic economic principles.
The module seeks to provide students with a general idea of what this course of studies is all about. In an introduction to scientific methodology you will learn about our diverse teaching methods and how to access literature and information resources. You will also receive helpful tips on how to write scientific papers correctly.

The dates can be found on the following website:

Pre-course in mathematics

As the school education in mathematics is rather different, the faculty offers a special pre-course in mathematics during the semester break before the beginning of the lecture of the winter semester. The pre-course focuses on the subject matter, which is required in the compulsory module “Mathematics for economists”. The participation in the pre-course is voluntary. However, bonus points can be acquired by a successful participation in the exam of the "pre-course mathematics for economists". These bonus points will be included in the assessment of the final exam of the compulsory module “Mathematics for economists”.

Dates of the pre-course:

The dates can be found on the following website:

Mandatory Counselling for Enrollment in one of the Master programs in winter semester 2018/2019

If you received admission for studying for one of our Master programs, you are obligated to participate in a so called mandatory counselling.
Registration is not required; you can appear at one of the dates mentioned below. The consultation takes approx. 30 minutes plus the time needed to issue the certificate. Please present your Bachelor degree certificate and your certificate of admission on the day of your visit.

Dates for the mandatory counselling:

Master Management / Management and Economics:

26.09.2018 – 12.00 pm (GBCF 04/411)
01.10.2018 – 10.00 am (GBCF 04/411)

Master Economics:

24.09.2018 – 12.00 pm (GBCF 04/411) (in German)
02.10.2018 – 10.00 am (GC 02/120) (in English)

Master Sales Management:

26.09.2018 - 10.00 am (GBCF 04/411)

Master Economic Policy Consulting:

24.09.2018 – 2.00 pm (GBCF 04/411)

If these dates are not possible for you, please contact us in time:

Moreover, we would also like to invite all new master students to the thyssenkrupp Welcome Week. In addition to the welcome of the Dean and the “Fachschaftsinitiative WiWi” (student representative group), we designed a small program which provides important information for the course and an opportunity to get to know your fellow students.