Learning Agreement

Your Learning Agreement is an important document which will be relevant before, during and after your stay abroad. With our signature on your Learning Agreement, we certify that the modules you take at your host university (listed in table A of your Learning Agreement) will be recognized at the RUB as the modules listed in table B of the Learning Agreement. Since we as ERASMUS coordination team cannot recognize modules, you have to prove that the faculty's chairs will recognize these modules. The proof is delivered via the Credit Approval Form (ERASMUS-Programm: Modulmeldungen) of our Exams Office. The exact process depends on the point in time you are: before the mobility, during your stay abroad, or when you are back in Bochum.

Before the Mobility

Due to ERASMUS regulations, you have to get the credit transfer approval before your stay abroad by asking professors at the faculty to recognize the chosen module(s) at your host university. We need the signed Credit Approval Form in order to sign your Learning Agreement.

You can download the Credit Approval Form at the Exams Office's homepage:
http://www.wiwi.ruhr-uni-bochum.de/pruefungsamt/formulare.html.de. A detailed explanation in German language how to fill in the form and how the whole process works is included in the form, please read it carefully.

After filling in digitally your personal data and the modules you would like to take at your host university, you have to print the form and collect the responsible professor's or assistant's signature and stamp as an approval for the recognition of each module.

Once all modules have been recognized, you give the signed and stamped Credit Approval Form to us. The modules on the Credit Approval Form should coincide with the modules on your Learning Agreement. If everything fits and is correct, we are able to sign your Learning Agreement to guarantee you that your modules abroad will be recognized when you return.

During the Mobility

If you are already abroad at your host university, and you want to / have to take other modules than those originally listed in the Credit Approval Form and the Learning Agreement, you have to fill in a new Credit Approval Form and you have to change your Learning Agreement (section “During the mobility”). Basically, the procedure is analogous to the approach before the mobility. The only big difference is that you are abroad, so you have to contact the chairs via email because you cannot contact them in person.

After you know that a chair will recognize your new module(s), you fill in one Credit Approval Form for each chair. Then you email the forms to the respective chairs, who print and sign the new Credit Approval Forms and should send them to us. Please ask the chairs to submit the printed and signed forms to us. After we obtain all new Credit Approval Forms for the new modules and your changed Learning Agreement (which should already have been signed by your host university), we will also sign your changed Learning Agreement, too.

After the Mobility

Back in Bochum you pick up your Credit Approval Form from our office during our office hours and hand in your Learning Agreement at the International Office. With the Credit Approval Forms and your Transcript of Records (which is issued by your host university and sent by snail mail either to us or directly to you), you can go directly to our Exams Office. The Exams Office will convert your marks and enter your data in the FlexNow system.

Important remarks:
1. Your Transcript of Records from your host university must be in English or German language and has to include a description of your host university's grading system.
2. If your host university uses a different grading system than the RUB (which is likely to be the case), the Exams Office will convert the foreign mark to a RUB mark by applying the so called Bavarian formula, which is a standardized approach in the German university system to convert foreign grades.