Credit Recognition

In general, there are two different ways of credit recognition:

1. If you take a module at a foreign university which is equivalent to one of the module offered at our Faculty of Management and Economics, you must to get the approval of the corresponding professor who teaches the module at our faculty.

2. If you take an economics or management module at the foreign university for which there is no equivalent module offered at RUB, the faculty has special “dummy” modules (with a credit value of 5 ECTS each), in order to guarantee that you are awarded RUB credits for your non-RUB modules.

Remember that before going abroad you always need to get prior credit transfer approval by one of the faculty’s professors for the courses you would like to take at your host university abroad. If you change modules during your stay at your host university, you also need to get the recognition approval by one professor, before we can sign your Learning Agreement and thereby officially agree to the change of your modules.

Also, please note that the degrees' regulations (Prüfungsordnung) at the Faculty of Management and Economics require you to complete at least 60% of your overall credits at the RUB.