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Jan Wüstenfeld, MSc.
Room: GD 03.319
Tel: +49 234 32-23421
Email: wiwi-international[at]
Visiting hours: by appointment via email


Deregistration for exams:
It is possible to deregister one week prior to the corresponding exam.

Please find more information on the Examination Office's website.


Campus Rub

Studying at our Faculty

Modules and Timetables

In principle, you can choose any module which is offered by the Faculty of Management and Economics. However, make sure that you choose modules which coincide with your existing knowledge. You usually don’t need to register or to sign up for a module, you can just attend it. Only few modules require a prior registration due to limited capacity (e.g. seminars).
All Bachelor and Master modules offered by the Faculty of Management and Economics can be found in the course description. These course catalogues contain a detailed description of the module, the corresponding workload and the requirements that have to be met before choosing the module.
The modules held in the current semester can be found in the timetables. An overview of the English language modules currently on offer is provided here.

Exam Formalities

At the Faculty of Management and Economics, the exam period usually starts in the last week of the semester and ends 2 to 3 weeks later. The exam registration and deregistration period usually starts 6 to 8 weeks after the beginning of the semester. The exact date will be announced by the Examination Office (Prüfungsamt).
You have to register and deregister for exams via the faculty’s examination management system FlexNow. For this purpose you will need a card reader, your student identity card and a six-digit PIN. If your registration/deregistration was successful you will receive an email to your RUB email address. Please check whether you received the registration/deregistration confirmation and make sure to keep it until the end of the exam period. Students who do not have a card reader are recommended to use one of the PC workplaces in building GD (room GD 02/224 & GD 03/208).
A detailed instruction booklet how to register and deregister for exams is provided here.

Important Dates and Deadlines

Below you can find a semester schedule including all relevant dates for the summer semester 2020:

Semester 01/10/2020-31/03/2021
Lecture Period 26/10/2020-12/02/2021
Exam Registration Period see website of the examination office
Exam Period see website of the examination office