Recognition of Foreign Academic Achievements


We support students studying abroad by the recognition of their academic achievements. This holds especially for students studying at one of our partner universities.
The foundation for the recognition of your academic achievements is the “Learning Agreement” between you and the chair holder. This agreement should ideally be made before your stay abroad. The agreement provides a secure framework to make sure that the students achievements from abroad are recognized at the RUB.

General information

Learning agreements can be made for any of the chairs’ courses. The following criteria are necessary for the recognition: the time scope of the foreign course, the amount of ECTS, the academic level and the courses’ resemblance regarding the contents with respect to the domestic course. The main requirement for the transfer of ECTS is the equivalence of the two courses, in some cases it may be necessary to request additional effort from you (e.g. an essay about the topic, a test to check your state of knowledge).


Please send an e-mail to Anna Temel containing the following information:

• The name of the domestic course.
• Detailed information about the content and the literature used in the foreign course, contact / teaching hours (“Semesterwochenstunden”) and, if available, the number of ECTS (please do not send us any links).
• The software you used in the course, e.g. Stata, EViews, R, MatLab, or SAS. If you did not use any software, please let us know.
• Examination modalities (e.g. written exam, oral exam, presentation, etc.).

Do not send the e-mail if you do not have all this information. We will not process incomplete documents. After you handed in all of the above, we will contact you within one week.