Center Environment, Resources and Energy Economics (CURE)

Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Universitätsstraße 150
44801 Bochum

Telefon: 0234 32-21282


EU Green Deal requires a doubling of the effort achieved since 2005
Graham Weale, honorary professor in the Faculty of Economics and at the RUB's Center for Environmental Management, Resources and Energy (CURE) undertook a study: EU 2030 Emission Targets – A Reality Check

Welcome to the Center Environment, Resources and Energy Economics (CURE)

Climate change, the energy transition, declining biodiversity and sustainability are the challenges of modern time. These are also the topics that form the core of research and teaching at the Center Environment, Resources and Energy Economics (CURE).
CURE has been established within the Faculty of Management and Economics at the Ruhr University, Bochum to enhance the joint research activities of the scholars focusing on the following topics

  • Energy and climate economics
  • Operational and economic sustainability economics in competition-based economic systems,
  • Corporate environmental management,
  • Decarbonization of operational production and service processes,
  • Protection of species and resources (animals, plants, water, soil, air)
The aim of the center is, on the one hand, to bundle and coordinate the relevant teaching within the bachelor and master modules. On the other the center enhances an integrative approach, which incorporates business administration, economics and legal perspectives. The aim is to set up a group of young researchers at CURE that advances the inter- and transdisciplinary social-ecological research in conjunction with other faculties at the Ruhr University.