Welcome to the website of the Faculty of Management and Economics!

Since its founding in 1965, the faculty has pursued an integrated academic approach, the Bochum model. The bachelor’s study programme “Management & Economics” integrates management and economics because we believe that a management graduate will also need to understand the overarching economic context in a later career, and the economics graduate will need to understand the management context in order to be successful in an increasingly globalised world economy. The objective of the studies at our faculty is for students to acquire fundamental economic thinking skills, to perform independent research work, and to apply what they have learned in a practical manner.

Following the bachelor’s study programmes, the faculty offers various post-graduate study options. This includes the broadly conceived master’s study programme “Management & Economics”, which continues the integrated approach, and the master’s study programmes “Management and “Economics” with a more in-depth specialisation. The extra-occupational master’s study programme “Accounting and Auditing” carried out in partnership with the economics faculty at the University of Münster is a further option that accommodates current developments with regard to combining a career and advanced education.

For the subject Management, the faculty offers a wide range of courses. Emphasis in research and teaching is placed on the areas Accounting, Finance and Taxation, Operations and Service Management, as well as Marketing. In Economics, the faculty is application- and policy-oriented in its research and teaching. Economic-political issues, such as unemployment, the energy transition, or financing the government budget form the focus. Empirical-quantitative methods are employed to identify causal connections.