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Sales & Marketing Department
Universitätsstraße 150
44801 Bochum

Telefon: +49 (02 34) 32 - 26596 Telefax: +49 (02 34) 32 - 14272 E-Mail: smd(at)

Der BdVM ist strategischer Partner des Sales & Marketing Departments.

Founder and former department head Univ.-Prof. Dr. Mario Rese

The note of his death has hit us all of a sudden and like a shock. On March the 5th 2013 Mario Rese has passed away unexpectedly. With Mario Rese we have lost much more than a respected colleague and dissertation supervisor. He was a fatherly friend, who was always there for us. With his passion for science he has inspired all of us. By his elusive clear sight on complex patterns he struck us new paths, when we were at our wits’ ends. With his strong sensitivity he kept us going when we needed encouragement. With his sense of humor and his sporting nature he infected us.

Due to these multiple reasons, the Sales & Marketing Department of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum will not lose sight of Mario Rese’s visions and will put his visions into practice.

Even if now, we have to learn to understand the game without Prof. Dr. Rese.