Introduction to the topics and methods of work and organizational psychology for non-psychologists


The Faculty of Psychology and the Department of Work and Organizational Psychology offer a course for non-psychologists in the upcoming semester.

The “Introduction to the topics and methods of work and organizational psychology for non-psychologists” (in German “Einführung in die Themen und Methoden der Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologie für Nicht-PsychologInnen”) provides an overview of content and research methods within the field of applied psychology. Among others, the topics will be management and work motivation together with empirical methods (interviews, observations, field experiments). Within an innovative course concept that consists of a 3-day block course in connection to E-Learning and a project group work, students have the possibility to do research themselves and thus deal with psychological issues in theory and practice. An extensive and with gamification elements enriched moodle course encourages the students to deal with the content, to coordinate the group work and to handle the new gained knowledge in a structured way.

The course explicitly addresses students of other faculties who would like to gain an insight into the area of psychology. It also provides a basis for all those, who are possibly interested in further, similar courses.

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