Courses offered in Summer Semester 2020

In the summer semester 2020 the following courses will be offered at the chair from 20.4.20 on under modified conditions. You can find more information on the linked Moodle pages. A password is not necessary.

GDP and Beyond (Bachelor)

Ökonomische Politikberatung in der Praxis (Master, in German, limited number of participants)

Structural Change and Global Value Chains (Master)

Please note that some of the teaching and examination modalities deviate from the usual modalities announced in the module handbook.

The Advanced Seminar and Growth and Structural Change will not be offered in SS2020. Towards the end of SS2020, seminar papers for submission in WS2021 can be started again, as of now under the conditions announced in the module handbook.

(Updated: 6.4.20)