Seminar and graduation papers

The chair offers one or two Bachelor seminars every year. By successfully completing the seminar, a seminar paper certificate is automatically acquired, which is a prerequisite for the bachelor thesis. There is no other way to obtain a seminar paper certificate at the chair.

Guidelines on the requirements of seminar and final theses are available here.


Bachelor Theses

Information is available in German. If you do not read German and wish to write a Bachelor thesis at the chair, please contact us no later than mid March for the summer term and no later than mid September for the summer term. Earlier contact is suggested.


How do I obtain a place for a Master thesis at the chair and a topic?

  • Current situation (September 2019): All places for winter 2019/20 are reserved by students. For summer term 2020, the majority of places is still available.
  • Prerequisites are competencies acquired in a module that teaches empirical methods:
    • The Productivity Slowdown
    • Structural Change and Global Value Chains
    • Advanced Seminar on Growth and Structural Change
    • Modules offered at other chairs or institutions in econometrics, applied empirical resesarch, model simulation and data analysis.
  • Students without sufficient competencies in empirical methods will be admitted only in exceptional cases.
  • First contact: Get in touch with Prof. Saam during her office hours or via e-mail, indicating your areas of interest and your empirical competencies.
  • Afterwards, reservation of a place is agreed upon in a personal meeting with Prof. Saam or a research assistant.
  • Registration of the thesis with the examination office is possible at any date as long as we have capacity.
  • Topics suggested by us require knowledge acquired in one of the above modules taught at the chair or knowledge of econometrics. Own topics within the research fields of CEIT may be suggested, as long as they allow for some own empirical contribution.