Transfer Credits

Before contacting us, please note the following: Recognition of transfer credit is only offered in Prof. Dr. Saam's office hours in Overbergstr. 17. It is not offered in her office in GD. Information on whether credit will be recognized is not sent by e-mail. Please do not send inquiries. Modules in the thematical fields of CEIT that are purely within the disciplince of management rather than economics are not recognized at our chair. Please contact Dr. Vera Jahn at the Chair of Innovation Management regarding the recognition of such modules.

We approve course achievements from other universities, if their content lies at least for a half in the area of economics and covers topics of CEIT. In particular, subjects like firm foundation, innovation, structural change, economic growth, macroeconomic sustainability, measurement of economic wealth, economic policy, heterodox approaches to economics, digitalization and digital markets are part of our chairs´ special fields.

Please inform yourself before your stay abroad about the procedure of transferring credits.

The recognition of transfer credits takes place in the office hours of Prof. Dr. Saam at CEIT in Overbergstr. 17. Please bring the following with you, when attending the office hour:

  • Completed application of acknowledgement of examination results (
  • Printed information concerning the course: Title, lecturer, content, time amount, exam form, topic and/ or literature list, credit points of the course
  • Acknowledging grades after completing the module requires the confirmations of the module grade by the examination office
In your master studies it is not possible to acknowledge any bachelor courses from foreign universities. Modules that are not equivalent to the programme of this chair can be recognized as a dummy-module if they are part of the special field of the chair and have a minimum extent of 5 ECTS.