Bachelor Dissertations At The Chair Of Empirical Economics

Admission Requirements

The admission to a Bachelor dissertation in Management and Economics requires at least 45 ECTS from the “Profilierungsphase” and the successful passing of the modules “Studium Generale” and “Anwendung wirschaftswissenschaftlicher Kenntnisse”.


If you are interested in writing your thesis at the chair for Empirical Economics and you meet the requirements mentioned above, please register personally or via e-mail to Michael Tamminga.

Please keep the following deadlines in mind:

15. March - Starting date: April
15. September - Starting date: October

After the respective deadlines, we will inform the students whether their application has been successful. Should the number of people applying exceed the available places, applicants will be selected according their grades in “Applied Empirical Economics” and “Seminar in Applied Empirical Economics”. In general, it is only possible for us to give a binding consent to students who chose Empirical Economics as their first preference in the WIWI-BOS system.


The time frame for a Bachelor dissertation is nine weeks. The topic of your dissertation should be in one of the following fields:

Applied Econometrics
Economics of the Household
Education Economics
Labor Economics
Migration Economics
Population Economics


We have compiled some guidelines for the creation of a dissertation which you should follow closely. They can be downloaded on the bottom of this page. In order to mark your work, you are required to provide us also a pdf-version of your thesis.

Oral exam

After you have handed in your dissertation, there will be an oral exam of about 30 minutes. It consists of a 15 minute presentation of your work. In the second part of the exam, the examiners will pose questions about your presentation. The chair will provide a laptop and a beamer for you to visualize your presentation.

Grades and ECTS

The grade of your Bachelor dissertation is a weighted average of the grades of the dissertation (12 ECTS) and the oral exam (3 ECTS).

Guidelines   (438.1 kB)