The faculty hosted its Alumni on 5. June 2015 at 1 pm

Many alumni accepted the invitation of the faculty to a meeting at their Alma mater for the 50th anniversary of the RUB. After a first reunion with Champagne and finger-food, Prof. Dr. Helmut Karl as Dean of the faculty, took the opportunity to allow the audience present reviews, insights and perspectives.

Vortrag von Prof.Dr. Helmut Karl

It was then followed up in an exciting panel discussion of the question whether the economic and financial crisis requires a reorientation of economics and business administration.

Following keynote speeches by Prof. Dr. Wim Kösters

and Prof. Dr. Stephan Paul,

the subsequent discussion was chaired by Ms. Kirsten Ludowig (Handelsblatt / alumna of the Faculty), with Dr. Hans-Paul Bürkner, Mr. Michael Mauer (also a graduate of the Faculty of Economics) and the aforementioned Professors as participants.

The audience also exchanged views with the lively podium discussion participants about whether and in what area there is need for deliberation. The musical program for the event began with the renowned jazz pianist Sven Bergmann.

The opportunity to network was extensively utilized. At the end of the event, the bulk of the participants agreed it was a very successful meeting and envisage a continuation alongside intensifying contact between the faculty and alumni. Dr. Wolf-Dietmar Oberhoff, one of the first graduates of our Faculty (Diploma 1968), commented after the event, in his own words, "I am indeed very pleased. The contributions were worth pondering about, talking with some of your students and staff is refreshing and quite exquisite. "

BOWI, the Alumni Association of the Faculty of Economics, would like to use this opportunity thank all participants again for the wonderful cooperation and the mouthwatering and eye pleasing coffee-bike.

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